A little less conversation, a little more relaxation please

I love flying business class – and here it is, at it’s best. Finished the various bits and bobs of work I had to get done in London today (over in Kingston Upon Thames – a wodnerfully scenic, if bloody hard to drive through bit of the city).

Rather than being stuck in the airport for hours, I swapped to an earlier flight, and got myself comfortably settled in the BA executive lounge – nice!

An interesting day all round really – it looks like the SNP are going to form a minority government with some support from the Greens – a good result in my book. I like the greens – I have my concerns about their energy policy, and have a whole bundle of issues with Public Transport as soon as you step outside of Scotland’s big five urban areas, but I think they are a strong voice for good.

The fact that they are one of the very few parties to take the issue of faith schools seriously is another biggie for me – naturally. I remember the street where I grew up, where my best friend and I were seperated age 5, he was dispatched to the “catlick” school, whilst I went to “proddy” school – we had played side by side, but within two years we didn’t speak to each other.

It doesn’t really matter what the justification for tribalism is – and frankly, I doubt the seperation had anything whatsoever to do with an understanding of the doctrinal differences between Young Mark’s catholicism and my methodism. The division would have been just as complete (and just as damaging) if they had just called them “blue school” and “green school”.

This is an Area where I am in complete agreement with Richard Dawkins – religion is one of the most divisive people labelling systems ever created.

Scotland would be better off without religion. In fact, that’s a good idea for a slogan – watch this space for a new campaign/project.