And who are you to talk, Mr Cardinal?

Keith O’Brien, leader of the catholic church in Scotland is at it again – he thinks that the Abortion Act is “Lies Masquerading as truth”. Well, to be frank here, he should know all about that!

It’s the question that our press simply doesn’t ask often enough of the Catholic Church – what makes you think that you are in any position whatsoever to talk about sexual issues like this?

O’Brien sheds a crocodile tear for Madeleine McCann, asking us to extend the concern for the well being of this little girl to those feotuses being aborted daily… which sounds noble enough, but where was his concern when the priests of his church were sexually abusing children?

Only the other day he was leaping to the defence of John Paul II, a pope who turned a blind eye to the violent and sexual abuse of children.

The simple fact of the matter is that until they get it into their heads that “abstinence makes the church grow fondlers” (as one person put it), and allow their priests to participate in normal, healthy human relationships, then they have absolutely ZERO moral authority to speak on matters of sexual health or morality.