Blinking Red Text on a Yellow background – yay!

People with artistic or musical abilities amaze me. My day job is rather more cerebral, and I spend a lot of time troubleshooting problems, coming up with solutions – logical, black box, step by step and above all rigorous “brain work”. Despite this (or possibly because of this, I’m not sure) I’m a fairly hands on person in my social life. I like working with wood, I do my own plumbing, tiling and so on. I mix my own concrete.

I have managed to produce a few things in my life that I am quite proud of – little bits of furniture, an absolutely kick-ass garden shed, those sorts of things.

That being said, I consider myself to be a well intentioned amateur rather than properly skilled – I can draw out a pretty reasonable isometric view of something I want to build, or a fairly accurate schematic, but when it comes to expressive art – sketching, doodling, drawing people, places, things – I probably have not advanced much since primary school days.

The same goes with music – despite many, many piano lessons I remained capable of producing a reasonably accurate but utterly lifeless and mechanical rendition of any music I tried. I just don’t have it in me.

People who can just make music or draw things realistically are just awe-inspiring – an incredible ability.

They are also, as it happens, one of the hardest bits of a campaign to get right – you need good graphics people, people with that natural eye for a good design or layout, the sort of folks that would just never use blinking text on a website.

There are a few new projects being mulled over at the moment, over the Scottish Atheist Council and it’s going to be important to get these things right – that’s why they are looking for some talented people (atheists, naturally) to start putting things together.

If you are (or know of) a Graphics Designer, artist or otherwise “arty” person with an interest in atheist/secular issues, please, get in touch.