Ding Dong, the witch is dead…

Three posts in one day, the height of blog addiction! Worth it though, is I just spotted that Jerry Falwell is Dead – and not a second too soon. One of the unfortunate side effects of being an atheist is that there isn’t a hell to imagine slime like Falwell burning in.

It’s something that is always lost on my Secret Fundie Informant – who insists that being a Christian is a challenge, “the narrow path” as opposed to being an Atheist, that’s apparently all fun and games, what with the orgies and hedonistic debauching. or something.

It couldn’t be further from the truth – when you know that your father, or your friend has died, and there’s no mystical happy playpark to make it all better, when you realise that you really do have nothing but the memories of the time that you had together – that the only place that the person lives on is in the minds of the people who knew them – that’s hard.

It does mean that I have a much harsher view of right and wrong, personal responsibility and so on – take this piece of human garbage for instance – this priest (naturally) befriended a paedophile in jail, then paid him money to groom an 11 year old girl for him.

According to the screwed up Christian “morality”, all this scumbag has to do is ask forgiveness and that’s all in the past off he goes to heaven and all’s okay – apart from the wreckage of a young girl’s life, of course. The bible really isn’t that big on victim’s rights.

Atheist morality – human morality – says that no amount of prayer or bowing and scraping to an imaginary god ever makes up for something like that. This life is it – there’s no judgement in the sky, no afterlife to make everything fair. When you do good things, that was you – not “god working through you” and when you do bad things? there’s no “Devil” to pass the buck to.

The real cheek is that these people think that they have a moral authority to tell the rest of us how to live!!