I shall forsake the ministry for what I believe is right – now youre getting it…

Great article in the Herald by Ron Ferguson about the upcoming vote in the Church of Scotland’s assembly as to whether they will start back into the sterotypical Gay Bashing, or keep at least one foot in this century!

The Church of Scotland have always been an oddity for me – clearly, they have a brutal and vicious past, and imposed no less of an iron rod on the backs of everyone living in this country when they had a sniff of power.. but they have matured well enough, and become one of the more moderate church voices.

Of course, my Secret Fundie Informant proclaims that the Church of Scotland are not really Christians anyway – as they don’t follow the 100% bible bashing letter of the law. I can remember that from my own Christian days – every other sect is wrong, and in most cases even worse than the non christians!

Ultimately, it’s better for everyone that this happens – a little short term pain for longer term gain. Why? when christianity shows it’s moderate side, reasonable people can’t help but see the gentle side – it may well be a crutch, but you wouldn’t kick away someone’s crutch now, would you?

In contrast, when the “moderate” churches run back to their roots, and fire up some of that ‘ole time religion with gay bashing, derision and opression of women and all that jazz… it makes it much clearer to see religion for what it is:

medevialism, tribalism, backwards and unpleasant superstition.

Our nation would be better off without it.