One sharp cookie.

Vladimir Putin is one of the sharpest world leaders by a long way. Compare and contrast with the idiot man child running the world’s last superpower, and he’s positively stellar.

The posturing between the United States and Russia over the US’s “Son of Star Wars” program is more than a little disturbing. It’s also something of an affront to a democratic nation to be turned into a target without gaining any benefit.

The Missile defence system would use Radar at RAF Flyindales – despite the fact that we would be outside the coverage of the Interceptor missiles. We get to have a big red target on us, but are, unfortunately, unprotected.

That to one side, the real concern is that the Idiot Man Child in Chief is intent on starting a new Cold War (with the hint of that old time “End of the World” Armageddon stuff that my Secret Fundie Informant loves so much).

It was interesting then to see Putin call America’s bluff by offering the joint use of a facility in Azerbaijan. It’s a stroke of genius.

If America is being honest, and the missile defence system is intended to guard against rogue states (in other words, Iran), then a radar station in Azerbaijan is an incredible boon – it would allow detection of missile launches a good four or five minutes earlier than the Czech station, and a good nine minutes earlier than RAF Flyindales.

If, of course, America is lying through it’s teeth, and this really is just an attempt to crank up that ole Cold War spirit again – then their bluff has been well and truly called.

interesting times we live in.