Business as Usual…

well, sort of…

Another day, another airport lounge. I just passed through the airport security at Edinburgh whihc, given the terrorist attack at the weekend is understandably some of the toughest I have seen.

I still have a pretty nasty reaction to seeing UK police with guns – and not your dinky little side arms either – big, honking MP5s and body armour on. Still, in this instance, if it gets it through t the latest idiot contemplating an attack that they are more likely to get shot for their troubles, long before they get to blow anyone up, so much the better.

What I resent, though, is the attitude of the Security staff in the airport. You can see in the smug little faces that each of them believes in his heart of hearts that by being completely anally retentive, by not allowing an eighty year old woman to take a bottle of tablets onto the plane (because clearly that bottle might be able to hold more than 100ml of liquid, if it wasn’t pull of pills), that they are personally fighting off the terrorists. sigh.

We can see the first grumblings of anti-islam setiment in Scotland as well – or at least that’s what it’s being billed as. Personally, I think people just don’t like Mohammed Sarwar… which has more to do with his gangster loving, corrupt as hell, money laundering son, currently enjoying a spell at her majesty’s pleasure.

It reminds me of a discussion I had recently, about the problems with fundamentalist religion. Whilst the muslims undeniably have the edge in over the top displays of religion inspired carnage, the christians use the same overblown rhetoric of hatred and medevialism.

I got to hear a recording of a sermon from an evangelical church here in scotland at the weekend. I think the recording was a few months old, as it was mentioning the upcoming election, but the venom would take your breath away.

If you step into the horrible little world occupied by these people, you find an elaborate conspiracy of atheists, homosexuals, “liberals” (which I assume has been imported as a hate term from the US, as the Lib Dems have never really been that provocative a force!) and now of course, the environmentalists, to construct an evil empire. bwaa haa haa.

Not to mention, of course, that we are all (apparently) involved in satanic ritual, masonic symbology and all drink blood, or something.

I have to say, I’m somewhat disappointed. I should probably get a t-shirt printed up that says something like “I joined the evil atheist conspiracy… now where’s the satanic demonic fuelled orgy?”

or perhaps, I should stop my delirious reamblings and go get another coffee. My flight’s about to board.