Chickens coming home to roost..

It’s been a while since I posted, and quite a lot has happened (as you would expect, given that a month and a half have passed. I have resigned from the BCSE, and stepped back from campaigning generally for a while.

Quite a lot going on personally, and I need some “me” time for a bit.

That’s the plan anyway – I doubt that will last for long, now that Alex Salmond has made an incredibly dangerous announcement. I’m a nationalist, and this is the closest we have ever had to a proper government so I have been quite chuffed with the national debate over the last few months…

The one dark cloud on the horizon has been Alex’s blatant (and quite offensive) sucking up to the Roman Catholic Church, firstly on the issue of the UK monarchy (and given that many nationalists are also republicans, that in itself is pretty much a non issue for the leader of the SNP) and now, disturbingly, on abortion.

Those of us who believe that Scotland can stand on her own two feet are of the hope that Scotland can become a small nation like Norway or Sweden – not a small nation like Ireland where women have to leave the country in order to secure medical services, and the church has been able to cover up case after case of sexual abuse of minors.

I have commented already on the Catholic Church’s sickening attempts to inject itself into Scotland’s medical policy.

It was a bit of a surprise to see the RC Church endorsing the SNP prior to the election (ostensibly because of Labour’s support for Gay rights) and many of us wondered just when they would be back for their pound of flesh. Looks like it’s now – and we wait with baited breath to see just how much Salmond had to sell out to get that support.