Really, is anyone surprised anymore?

It’s depressing to have the edge taken off of your buzz – The SNP budget is passed in an incredibly powerful way: the labour and lib dem “fused at the waist” block opting to abstain – all sixty of them rather than vote for or against the budget.

This, even when they got an amendment tacked onto the thing without any objections from the government. childish and petulant. This could be mined for PR for weeks to come – and even into the next election if handled well.

So, what could take the shine off of this? why Payback, of course. Alex Salmond has now had to pay for the support of the catholic church during the election, and how. You might almost think he was a natural at this.

It’s quite depressing to see someone who you admire being bought off quite so easily, but there it is… According to Alex, we should be embracing catholic education. Indeed, he went so far as to say “the rest of Scotland’s schools could learn from the strong moral values that are taught in Catholic primaries and secondaries”

How very, very sad.

Catholic belief, like all religion is frankly nonsense. Strong Moral Values? hardly. They teach hatred of minority groups, value the life of a bundle of cells over a living breathing human being and wish terrible suffering on people rather than a death with dignity.

And that’s before we even look at their track record of covering up sexual abuse of children and protecting those guilt of the abuse!

The Catholic Church, in common with all christian groups teaches an inherently weak moral position – “don’t do bad things, or the boogie man will get you”.

Doing the right thing because someone is standing behind you with a baseball bat does not make you a morally strong person – quite the contrary.

Ultimately, I am a moral person because I believe it is inherent in human beings to be altruistic – to look out for our fellow man. When I help people or do the right thing, I’m not looking for cosmic brownie points, when I go through my life without committing crimes and atrocities, I do so because I am guided by my own moral compass, not because I fear the judgment of some ethereal boogie man.

THAT is a strong moral position, and is what we should be instilling in our children.