Disgraceful, Childish Behavour!

And for once, there’s not an angry Archbishop in sight.

No, this is our esteemed parliament, or more specifically, the labour members of the Scottish parliament. Just when we thought that they couldn’t be any more childish than the budget fiasco, they are wasting our money by setting up a commission to look into the constitution.

another one.

Running at the same time as the one which the Scottish Government is already running.

The only difference? why, the one being promoted by labour won’t be considering independence as an option whatsoever. It’s the political equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going “la la la”. Except that this will cost a lot of money!.

Not all labour MSPs think that this is a good idea. Henry McLeish said
I welcome that the process of open debate is under way with the
National Conversation, and look forward to the next phase developing
with the prevailing mood of Scotland

Very reasonable – and frankly what we would expect of an intelligent member of parliament. Henry McLeish was, after all, the First Minister under a previous administration.

The enlightened response from the five year olds that make up the Scottish Labour Party?

it would be in the interests of Labour and Mr McLeish if he joined the SNP

So, the response is “It’s my Ball, you’re not playing”. Mature, huh?

Time to go write to my MSP…