Strength in Numbers.

One of the key differences between Atheists and Christians is that christians have a ready made support network that they see regularly. I actually think that in a lot of cases, that’s really the sole reason for some people to go to church.

Being an Atheist trying to make a difference can be a fairly lonely pursuit – and that’s here in Scotland, a country where there are a lot of us! We live in an incredibly free environment where Atheism is, if not actually promoted, certainly accepted. Our lot appears to be better than our colleagues in the United States, for instance.

That’s always one of my key reasons for doing this – for being involved in things like godless heathens and so on. I feel a bit of responsibility that I should give something back to the Atheist and Secular community.

It’s kinda cool then, to get a reminder of just how many of us there are – to realise that Atheists are not in any way a small group. The best one I have seen in a long time is the Atheist Blogroll

There are now in excess of 650 blogs listed there, and I have spent a couple of happy hours trawling through just a handful. I’m quite happy that my own little efforts are now included.

Together, we Atheists are strong!