Getting Tough.

“We have to get tough with ourselves as a movement”

…or, at least, so says Common space.

I have a simple question – who is “we” in this context? because if “we” is all of us across the Yes movement, then CommonSpace have no position to be calling down the things you don’t like.

If “we” IS common space, then they have a greatly inflated sense of their own influence and importance, I fear.

I don’t think anti-BBC billboards are a great idea. I don’t see them achieving much.

Some people say the same thing about the lampost signs and what-not that we use at election times, but I help put those out every time.. and the folks that don’t think they do much still help put them up. We get along.

I’d be much more blunt if the proponents of telephone banks (which I personally despise, and think do more harm than good), starting yelling down me for thinking visual signage matters.

What runs deep through this article is the shift of focus that tears campaigns apart – I have seen it in campaigning against creationists in schools, and I saw it in the sorry demise of RIC… when those on the left (and it’s always the left, for some reason) don’t win a glorious victory right off the bat, they don’t renew the fight by focusing on the other side… they fall into deep introspection, and try to find the reason we failed – and sure as morning follows night, the reason for the failure is always those campaigners on our side who “put moderate people off”. and what puts them off?

why, it’s the things that we, personally, didn’t like.

funny, that.