An “Incredible” future for the UK? Hardly.

A commenter suggested that the UK will have an “incredible” future outside of the EU.

The only way to come to this conclusion is to completely ignore the track record of UK governments in making demonstrably wrong decisions on every key technological shift that has happened in the last sixty years.

The UK remains the only nation on the planet to successfully launch to orbit, then give it up, deciding that space research was “too expensive”.

Post WWII, we bravely chopped early computers into scrap, rather than understand (as the Americans did) how these machines would change the world.

The UK stopped a national rollout of optical fibre in the 80s, instead pushing small clusters of cable TV owned by private operators – that have not extended their services by one metre in nearly twenty years.

The UK has gutted solar and renewables, as those industries start to become a major force worldwide.

The UK abandoned carbon capture projects, and have given up on the chance to lead a new industry as it emerges.

The UK is spending billions on building an unimaginative, yet still ludicrously expensive, GenIII Nuclear plant at Hinkley, yet has allowed our national skill base in the nuclear industry to atrophy to almost nothing, through stopping all research into Fast reactors, or GenIV technologies.

The UK views software and the billion dollar games industry as some little plaything, whilst lavishing largesse on a financial services industry that almost dragged the economy down with it…

This succession of idiots has made poor calls and squandered unspeakable amounts of wealth for the nation, whilst pouring endless money into infrastructure in docklands to support an industry that is completely portable; and which has already started to move to Frankfurt and other centres…

Anyone who thinks that this Etonian Oxbridge freak show will lead the UK to an “incredible” future needs to take off the blinkers.

The UK is being led to ruin, and Scotland’s best, only hope is to cut the cord.